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Sparta : English

Hartung Sparta

Hartung SPARTA,  Aluminium , Titanium or Zylon/Carbon, new basic version

optionally* :
 hybrid propulsion for front axle              "probably the most powerful car in the world"
see press articles (Google) :  IAA FFM 2005+2009, TopMarquesMonaco 2008+2010, Goodwood 2010
since 1973 first 3-seater with central driving position in a monocoque safety area with 4 rollbars
mid-engine touring- and off-road-supercar with air suspension, spacious long-term vehicle
V8 turbodiesel
up from 6,6 l,  basic power 1000 Nm / 400 HP,  opt.* w/o extra costs ~625 HP;
opt.* up to 2000 HP, durable until ~1000 HP;  possible driving range >3000 km (in Economy-level see below)
environmentally friendly supercar,  opt.* CO2-neutral,  e.g. with jatropha or algae oil, BtL/Sunfuel                      

Body, Weight

3-seater bench with 2 folding armrests for easy access to the central driving position (bench possible to sleep upon),
adjustable pedals, 4 strap body harness (opt.* more straps, airbags)                                                                          
similar to a Targa with an overdimensioned roll-cage :  2 pneumatically raising gull wings, easy to remove
and to store at the rear of the car, like an opt.* sun roof
curb weight <1400 kg, gross weight >1800 kg, weight-distribution front axle : rear axle 1 : >2

Engine Data, Engine Architecture

Duramax 8 cylinder V 90°, 6,6 l, opt.* up to 7,2 l, bore/stroke up from 103x99, compression ~17:1
longitudinal mid-engine, opt.* transverse/left;  light-alloy except engine-block, crankshaft with 5 bearings,
32 valves, splash oil cooling, oil cooler, opt.* dry sump lubrication;  opt.* 2. Bosch common-rail-pump
water cooler in front with 2 electric fans, opt.* engine-independent water heating system
variable boost pressure, opt.* smallest ball-bearing IHI turbo on each side of the V8 engine sequentially
working with 1 or 2 big Garrett turbos;  intercooler with electric fan on each rear side of the car
air compressor, opt.* vacuum pump, opt.* a/c compressor;  battery 12 V 100 Ah, alternator 145 A
opt.* :  ECM programmable until 10 performance levels while engine switched off, while driving each
performance level can be halved or increased to ~100 HP by a 3-position-switch, from ECONOMY to Racing :
from ~500 Nm / ~1500 rpm, ~200 HP / ~3000 rpm (possible engine-life 500.000 km) up to a top performance
level of >2000 Nm, 2000 HP;  consumption up from ~4 l/100 km in ECONOMY-level
opt.* (biodiesel out of) algae- or vegetable-oil (+ additive), BtL;      opt.* AdBlue/SCRT-exhaust-system
opt.* with Ford 6,7 l V8 1000 Nm 400 HP or other powerful turbodiesel-engines
opt.* NoElectronicsVersion with mechanical distributor- (until ~330 HP) or inline injection pump

Power Transmission (on rear wheels)

longitudinal 5-speed manual transmission (MT) until ~1650 Nm, opt.* 6-speed MT, limited slip differential (LSD),
opt.* 100 %  blockable
opt.* AMT or DCT until >2000 Nm right of the transverse engine, LSD behind engine, 100 % blockable                

Cassis, Suspension, Steering, Brakes, Wheels

overdimensioned  monocoque safety area with high side box framework (side protection) out of  
satinized 5 mm aluminium or opt.* titanium sheet, overdimensioned tubular framework at front and rear
together with 4 rollbars (2 longitudinal trapezoid, 2 transversal) out of steel in accordance to FIA
(opt.* stainless or titanium);  opt.* lighter (racing) or armoured version made from (opt.* visible)
Zylon-/carbon-fabrics in epoxy-resin with in-laminated tubular construction
front axle :  long transversal triangular wishbones with McPherson-struts and air actuators
rear axle :  triangular semi-trailing arms with air actuators;  front and rear separately adjustable in height
and spring-rate, 4 shock absorbers, opt.* adjustable (opt.* ABC, actively controlled by PLC)
rack-and-pinion (opt.* power-) steering, safety column and -steering wheel (opt.* adjustable)
8 piston aluminium calipers (total hydraulic surface >300 cm2) on 378 mm discs, opt.* strap-drive discs;
adjustable master-cylinder-balance;  opt.* inline servo;  opt.* Brembo hand-brake aluminum-calipers
(opt.* with electric actuator);   "perhaps the most powerful braking system"  
BFGoodrich g-Force T/A KDWS all season tires, front 215/45, rear 245/55, on steel rims 18 x 7"
opt.* :  front tires until 255/45, rear until 335/30 on unique axial fan rims for efficient brake cooling out of
aluminium, high grade stainless steel or titanium, e.g. front 8,5", rear 12"


wheelbase >=2650, front track >=1790, rear >=1710, adjustable ground clearance between ~150 and 300 mm :
height up from ~1200, length up from 3900, width ~2060 mm;                                       opt.* second spare wheel
2 lateral double-sheet diesel tanks, each >=80 l, total tank-volume >=160 l                                     
luggage compartments in front, passenger area and at the rear, total >500 l

Road Performance

speed limit 300 km/h (off-road tire compromise, see above), speed at ~1000 engine rpm in the last gear 100 km/h
(at ~750 wheel rpm), acceleration 0-100 km/h ~3 sec., wheelie bars
Since 1973, the objective of our car-development has been to achieve by high-power turbodiesel engines
high torque with flat curves :  already basic 1000 Nm / 400 HP offer supercar-level also for lazy shifting,
just starting from idle, even in the last gear, drops consumption down and realizes a long-term-sense.  
The joy of driving shouldn’t be achieved by high speed but by agility and security.

Exclusive Construction of Chassis, Body and Suspension

weight reduction by monocoque and trapezoid tubular construction (only possible by central position of the driver)
despite overdimensioning (‘as a tank’), also for hard off-road-use, mostly stainless
robust long-term investment product, maintenance- and repairfriendly, under rigorous control hand-made
during about 8000 hours of top-level craftsmanship (‘as in old times’)
separate highbeam in the roof, opt.* LED or xenon for <=1 km; lowbeam, opt.* xenon or LED, LED daylight and foglight in the fender
complete dashboard, opt.* >=25 instruments also via display, ‘programming center’
opt.* :  A/C ‘to keep cool’, fridge, electrical hybrid drive EMA for front axle, ABS, ESP, GPS, etc.               
mid-engine touring and off-road supercar with air suspension ‘for Spartans’ (but comfortable for the spine,
adjustable in height to all terrain characteristics), spacious for 3 tall passengers and more than 500 l of luggage,
‘à la Paris-Dakar’, but also reliable and economical for everyday use
relaxing by the best relationship between torque and weight (RTW until ~1,4) :
Let Bugatti & Co. overtake your Sparta, of course !                                                     (basic price € 170.000.-- + VAT)

                                                               (titanium-version, among others with large axial fan rims, see above,  EUR 250.000.-- + VAT)

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